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Work withenthusiasm.

Barcelona, may 2020

Lifelong learner. I'm passionate about technology and the ways stuff gets built. From webapps, Smart Contracts, hashing algorithms and servers to cameras, video encoding protocols and animation. Studied in many different universities and institutes, from many different people, always absorbing their worldview as their skillset. My path is quite a divergent one, which makes me skilled in a very wide range of subjects regarding technology. I work only in places where I can learn something.


AppSmart Tickets

Ticketing app based in Blockchain technology. Still under developement, it aims at rethinking the way we manage ticketing in general. Made with Express-js and Waves technology.

WebpageFuture Philosophy

Future Philosophy is an interdisciplinary collective that aims at bringing the edge of philosophy debate about technology to the forefront of the industry. Webpage is made with Jekyll.


The Little Man Computer (LMC) is an instructional model of a von Neumann architecture computer, created by Dr. Stuart Madnick. I implement this architecture in Javascript.

Webpage & DesignMultiplicidades

A web page presentation for a dance festival in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Also done the digital and printed graphic designs.

Video editing & colorCon Vos

Videoclip for a pop song. In charge of editing, color correcting and on-site production. Worked with Premiere Pro.

PhotographyVarious projects

My personal Instagram page is where I share my photography work. Taken with my personal Canon EOS M, corrected using Adobe Lightroom.


2019-2017Film Production

EMAV film school @ Barcelona. Focused in the film production process as a headway for project management and logistics, as well as technical resource administration. Finished 2019.

2017-2015Computer Science

University of Buens Aires. The study of abstract concepts about Mathematics and Computer relationship. Fascinating subjects, but too abstract. Didn't finish.

2014-2013Communication Sc.

University of Saint Andrew's @ Buenos Aires. Understanding human communication, using traditional and modern communication tools. Interesting subjects, but too soft. Didn't finish.

Self Learner


Advnaced understanding of Javascript and its frameworks. Been learning all around the web, Codecademy, Coursera, and others.


Smart Contracts in Solidity, the EVM and web3.js, learned how to build an dapp. Have taken several courses on Ethereum, this is one of them:

2020-2019Game Dev

Unity with C++, basis for 2D animations and game mechanics. Several open courses, and this Udemy course by

2020Cryptography 01

Stanfort University online course, by Dan Boneh. Everything from Simmetrical Key exchange to hash functions.

2018Typography 01

Graphic design course based on the understanding of typography as the building block of any 2D design.


Waves blockchain is another VM blockchain that supports smart contract building, with a different use of memory than Ethereum.

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Oscar Wilde



Various freelance projects, JS and Android focused. Including data scrapping, prototype building, API and service maintenance. Some graphic design jobs too.

2020-2019As. Producer

Everything from internal logistics to client projects. Including events and audiovisual products. Company: TheCreativeAgency.

2017-2015Dev Jr+

Longest and strongest work experience. Worked various NodeJS frameworks, Drupal and SAP BI tools as Lumira. Company: Inlcusion Services S.A.

2015Dev Jr.

Very first job as a Dev. Worked with mySQL and Android, for a client in the sanitary sector. Company: GMS S.A.

2014Tech. Producer

Technical producer at a local radio station in Buenos Aires. Editing audio and content.

Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.

Immanuel Kant